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Finding the right home for every cat we rescue!

Our experienced volunteers will assess a cat's behaviour to find them the best forever home.

We pride ourselves on supporting cats at a time where they are the most vulnerable and getting them ready for rehoming.

Cats which would be happy as a pet will be rehomed or go to the first available rehoming space with another rescue.

Cats which would prefer an outdoor life (feral cats) can be placed with one of our colonies if their current location is unsuitable.

If you need to rehome your cat or you are worried about a stray or a feral cat, please get in touch.

If we are not able to help you at this time, we will let you know. At our busiest times we operate a waiting list.

Please contact us by telephone on 01942260667  and leave your telephone number, address and details of your cat (age, name, colour, personality, any health issues) on the answering machine.  A volunteer will get in touch.

Rehoming: About Us
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