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Do you need help neutering a cat?


Neutering your cat or kitten offers them protection against several health issues (Cancers, Feline Leukaemia, Feline Aids, etc. ). It keeps them closer to home. It prevents difficult behaviours such as spraying and fighting in males and of course stops unwanted litters. Rescues are struggling to cope every year with many unwanted cats and kittens! 

We can help with neutering cats that are pets if you are experiencing financial difficulties or if you are unable to transport your cat to the vet.

We help feral and sometimes stray cats through our Trap, Neuter, Return programme. The cats will be neutered and ear tipped before being returned to their established territory, unless this is unsafe.

If you need support neutering a cat or if you are concerned about a stay or feral cat, please get in touch.

Please phone 01942260667  and leave your telephone and address details on our answering machine, as well as details of the cat that you would like us to neuter. A volunteer will get in touch.

Neutering: About Us
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